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Portland Appraiser Excited about Surface Pro 4

I am always excited to hear about the newest gadgets for appraisers.  Today is day one of Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference and some exciting news should come out of the show.  Particularly, I’m excited because rumors are swirling that Microsoft will announce the new Surface Pro 4 to be released with Windows 10 later this year (Maybe July).  Surface Pro 4 will likely have more processing power, generate less heat, have more memory, and more screen size options.

Those who regularly follow my posts (or know me personally) also know that I prefer using desktop replacement tablets.  These tablet computers allow field workers to use one device at home and in the field, without the need to maintain, learn, or transfer files between multiple devices.  Prior to the Surface Pro, the only devices with the power of a desktop computer in a handheld device were significantly larger and heavier than other tablets (like the iPad), and very expensive like the commercial Motion Computing tablet that I use today.

With the introduction of the Surface Pro in 2012, things started to change for desktop replacement tablets.  Now, a computer featuring the same chips and memory of many desktop or laptop computers, a penabled screen, and all in a package not much larger than an iPad was available.  However, the first generation of the Surface Pro was launched alongside the Surface RT and Windows 8, both products that had problems and lot of negative press. 

In generations two and three, public perception changed as the Surface Pro was refined.  Today the Surface Pro 3 is being advertised as, “The tablet that can replace your laptop.”  However, I still do not think that the public fully realizes or believes that a laptop or a tablet like the iPad is no longer needed; while others think that the Surface Pro is just too expensive.  My response is, “How much do two devices cost and how much time is spent maintaining, switching between, or learning two devices?”  Thomas Edison said, “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.”  I think the Surface Pro is a bargain starting under $1,000 and at about $1,300 well equipped.  Take a look at this video showing the Surface Pro 3 in action as a desktop computer with multiple monitors.

Did I leave anything out or do you want to join in the conversation?  Let me know in the comments below.

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