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The owner and chief appraiser at A Quality Appraisal, Gary F. Kristensen lives in Happy Valley, right next to the City of Damascus. Our senior appraiser, James Anderson, also used to live in Damascus. We receive many requests to appraise properties in Damascus; because, of our connection to the Damascus community. We are also friends with many Damascus real estate professionals. This experience and these connections have made Gary and his staff at A Quality Appraisal intimately familiar with the nuances in the Damascus real estate market. If you need a Damascus appraiser, please consider using A Quality Appraisal, LLC. We’re not just Portland’s Best Appraisers, we are the Best Appraisers in Damascus as well. Please contact us and let us prove it or see our testimonials. To learn more about A Quality Appraisal and our services, start by visiting our Home page.

We also service Boring, Oregon.  Boring is a community that neighbors Damascus and it is a similar real estate market.  Often, when doing appraisals in Damascus, we use some Boring sales comparable data.

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“It is one of the best reports I have reviewed.”  Paula R.

“I wish all of our appraisers were just like you!!”  Kim G.