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The owner and chief appraiser at A Quality Appraisal, Gary F. Kristensen, grew up in suburban Milwaukie, OR and his first home purchase was in Milwaukie. We receive many requests to appraise properties in Milwaukie because of our connection to the Milwaukie community. We are also friends with many Milwaukie real estate professionals. This experience and these connections have made Gary and his staff at A Quality Appraisal intimately familiar with the nuances in the Milwaukie real estate market. If you need a Milwaukie appraiser, please consider using A Quality Appraisal, LLC. We’re not just Portland’s Best Appraisers, we are Milwaukie’s Best Appraisers as well. Please contact us and let us prove it or see our testimonials. To learn more about A Quality Appraisal and our services, start by visiting our Home page.

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Areas around Milwaukie We Appraise

Oak Grove:  This is a suburban Milwaukie neighborhood that is located south of Milwaukie along the Willamette River. We perform appraisals in Oak Grove.

Jennings Lodge:  This is a suburban Milwaukie neighborhood that south of Milwaukie along the Gladstone border. We perform appraisals in Jennings Lodge.

South Gate:  This is a suburban Milwaukie neighborhood that east of Milwaukie along 82nd Avenue. We perform appraisals in South Gate.

Oatfield:  This is a suburban Milwaukie neighborhood that is located southeast of Milwaukie along Interstate 205. We perform appraisals in Oatfield.

Milwaukie Appraisal Photos

A benefit from being an appraiser in Milwaukie is that we get to drive around and take pictures of Milwaukie Homes. Sometimes, we just take Milwaukie pictures that are interesting and not because of home appraisal. The following are some Milwaukie photos that our appraisers have taken:

 Milwaukie Appraiser Row Homes

One of our appraisers took this photo while on an appraisal assignment in Milwaukie. This photo was taken on Main Street in Milwaukie and these row homes have businesses below. When we think of the new Milwaukie, these homes come to mind.

Milwaukie Appraisal Mike's Drive-In

This photo was taken while on an appraiser lunch break. Mike’s Drive-In is the place to eat if you’re an appraiser working on a Milwaukie home appraisal.

 Milwaukie Appraiser - Ledding Library

As a child growing up, the owner of A Quality Appraisal spent lots of time at the Milwaukie Ledding Library. Unfortunately we cannot do home appraisal research there; but, it is a Milwaukie landmark.

 Milwaukie Appraiser - Milwaukie High School

The Milwaukie High School is the center of life for many people who make Milwaukie home. For some who shop for Milwaukie area homes, the Milwaukie High School boundaries are important.


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